Inclusive Community Home Care is dedicated to ensuring equal access to our clients who receive in-home care services. We believe that is essential that our caregivers and administrative staff provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with diverse abilities. Inclusive Community Home Care offers language services for individuals who may be deaf or hard of hearing, blind, speak limited or no English, and people who have speech disabilities.

Video remote interpreter services:

We provide real-time visual access to sign language services through a secure web-based camera.  VRI is able to connect quickly and securely to an off-site interpreter who helps patients, their companions, and health care team members with effective communication.

VRI does not replace in-person or phone interpreting. It is the backup tool when face-to-face interpretation is needed and an in-person interpreter isn’t available.

Real-Time Captioning:

Inclusive Community Home Care provides Real-time captioning during any company live event or training which converts the spoken word into a printed format using computer-aided translation.

Printed materials:

Printed materials are available in translation, alternative formats, and braille translation upon request. In addition, Inclusive Community Home Care offers some health materials in languages other than English.


Our website, social media, and any information we post to the public are accessible to people with communication needs. If you have a request for specific information to be made accessible please contact us today.

To learn more about our accessibility services contact-214-210-8477