COVID-19 Prevention Tips for Older Adults

COVID-19 Prevention Tips for Older Adults

Seniors, especially those with existing health conditions, immune system disabilities, and other limitations, are the ones at a high risk of acquiring the COVID-19 virus. This virus, which has caused a global health crisis, can be fatal to older adults. Thus, you and your senior loved ones must follow the CDC’s COVID-19 guidelines to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Here are some of the prevention tips that the senior, as well as their caregiver providing senior care in Texas, should strictly follow:

  • Ask your caregiver if they have symptoms of the COVID-19 virus or if they have been exposed to someone who had it.
  • Before allowing the caregiver inside the home, make sure that they sanitize. They should wash their hands. They should also wash their hands before and after they touch you.
  • If it isn’t necessary, then don’t go out of the house. Do your groceries at least once a week or have your caregiver do it for you. This minimizes your risk of getting exposed to the virus.
  • Plan what you would do in the case when your caregiver gets sick. Who will come over to help you with your errands or light housekeeping if the caregiver can’t come in? What if the caregiver is sick of the virus? How do you self-quarantine.

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