Dealing with Appetite Loss Among the Elderly

Dealing with Appetite Loss Among the Elderly

Refusing to eat or having the loss of appetite is common among elders as they go through age-related changes in the body. Seniors who have appetite loss do not receive enough nutrients, leading to poor nutrition and health. Inclusive Community Home Care Agency sees to it to practice the necessary methods so they can maintain good health by eating the balanced diet they need. Our home care agency in Plano, Texas also assists in preparing meals and feeding to make eating for the elderly much easier.

One way for the elderly to still receive the right amount of nutrients and calories every day is by serving food in smaller sizes and more frequency. This way, they do not get overwhelmed over the big portion of food they have to eat for one meal. With this, setting a time for each meal or snack enables their bodies to recognize the time they need food. The plating of the food should also be appetizing for them to eat. Our senior care in Texas suggests including fruits and vegetables for a more colorful and healthier food to eat.

Another effective trick to boost the appetite of not just the elderly but also people with disabilities is by making eating a social gathering. Eating together for the elderly gives them a good time over food, which allows them to eat more and finish what is on their plate.

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