Disability Care: Preventing Bedsores

Disability Care: Preventing Bedsores

As a result of prolonged pressure from sitting on a wheelchair or lying in bed, bedsores develop. They are skin or underlying tissue injuries that occur on bony parts of the body, such as elbows, tailbone, ankles, hips, and others. At Inclusive Community Home Care Agency, we prevent bedsores as it leads to serious complications, such as cellulitis, bone infection, and cancer, to seniors and people with disabilities. Our Home Care Agency in Plano, Texas follow these repositioning and skincare tips to prevent and relieve bedsores:

  • Adding more cushion or a special mattress.

    By doing this, the pressure on the bony areas of the body is eased. This also ensures to position the body properly while sitting or lying down.

  • Assisting in shifting positions.

    Our Senior Care in Texas helps seniors and people with disabilities lift themselves up or shift their weight regularly to prevent prolong pressure in bedsore-prone areas.

  • Protecting the skin with personal care and housekeeping.

    Skin must stay clean and dry to get rid of any moisture, urine, or stool. Changing the bedding and clothes regularly helps ensure clean skin as well.

These preventive tips may be a challenge for people with mobility problems. With that, seniors and people with Disabilities will need their caregiver and loved one’s support in doing so for their wellbeing as well.

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