Early Signs of Alzheimer’s to Watch Out For

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s to Watch Out For

Alzheimer’s disease is one of those conditions that dominate the experiences of caregivers providing senior care in Texas, or anywhere within the United States in general. While symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease are more pronounced in elderly patients, people who are in their 40s or 50s could also exhibit signs of the condition.

The signs are more subtle during the early stages of the disease. When you notice that the symptoms are becoming more persistent and are starting to take on a pattern, it’s time to take yourself or someone you know to the doctor to be assessed for Alzheimer’s, or any other forms of dementia in general.

Here are some of the symptoms indicating early onset of Alzheimer’s:

  • Difficulty in keeping up with set plans as well as remembering appointments.
  • Difficulty in keeping up with calculations or basic mathematics.
  • Frequent misplacing of items and forgetting where they were.
  • Speech and vocabulary problems, which can affect a normal conversation.
  • Frequent mood swings, and vision problems.

It’s best to consult a specialist and plan for the future ahead. Alzheimer’s disease is progressive, and you and your loved one will need to know what things you can do to manage the symptoms and maintain quality of life. The disease comes with its own set of disabilities as well that you need to prepare for.

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