How to Make a Home Accessible for a Hearing-Impaired Senior

How to Make a Home Accessible for a Hearing-Impaired Senior

Seniors who are deaf or hard of hearing face more challenges than others. With our home care agency in Plano, Texas, we make sure that a hearing-impaired senior’s home is more accessible for them.

Here are some of the best ways to ensure that a home is accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing:

  • Wake-up alarms.
    Regular alarms may not be easy-to-use for seniors. For deaf seniors, use wake-up alarms that can flash a light or vibrate. For seniors that are hard of hearing, choose an alarm that’s especially loud. For the deafblind seniors, clocks with a Braille feature are especially handy.
  • Smoke alarms.
    Smoke alarms are important features that can keep a home safe. If a senior in the home is deaf, installing the ones that flash bright strobe lights are preferable. It is also possible to install a smoke alarm that only has a single transmitter but has multiple receivers.
  • Phone signalers.
    Telephone lines keep a senior connected with their family, friends, and even their provider of senior care in Texas. It is also a tool that allows a senior to call for emergency help. Phones should have the option to flash a light when it receives a phone signal.

Inclusive Community Home Care Agency is dedicated to providing quality care for seniors, regardless if they have disabilities or not. Kindly call us today so we can discuss more our services.

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