Preventing Falls Among the Elderly at Home

Preventing Falls Among the Elderly at Home

Certain age-related changes in the body make the elderly prone to fall accidents at home. Thus, preventing falls is very important to avoid serious injuries and complications that can be life-threatening. Caregivers at Inclusive Community Home Care Agency make sure to practice preventive ways through supervision and mobility assistance. As a Home Care Agency in Plano, Texas, preventing falls is one of the top priorities in giving care for the elderly in their activities of daily living while still helping them to be independent.

Elderlies with poor vision, balance, and strength are the most prone to falls at home. Each room in the house should be equipped with brighter lighting for seniors to see the things around them clearly and avoid bumping into walls or things. As bathrooms can be slippery, installing of handgrips, shower chairs, anti-slip mats, and others can prevent seniors from slipping and falling when they shower or toilet. Caregivers at our Senior Care in Texas also make sure to help them declutter to make space for walking and guide them wherever they go.

Light exercise can help the elderly and other people with disabilities prevent falls at home as it works on maintaining their body coordination, weight, and strength. In conclusion, preventing falls is more effective with a caregiver to assist and support them while they do daily tasks and activities.

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