Quick Relief for Arthritis Without Taking Medicine

Quick Relief for Arthritis Without Taking Medicine

When you’re providing senior care in Texas, you have to educate yourself on how you can provide relief for arthritis without resorting to medication as much as possible. Constant use of painkillers can lead to drug resistance and can damage the liver, after all.

Arthritis can be very debilitating. While it is not as serious as the disabilities that afflict elderly people, it can be very excruciating. The pain can make it difficult for one to function normally. With inflamed joints, all one can do is to lie down and hope for the pain to go away in time.

Fortunately, there are indeed ways that you can give relief to your patient for arthritis pain without telling them to drink painkillers. Here are some tips for natural arthritis relief you should keep in mind all the time:

  • Take a towel and apply hot or cold compress to relieve the inflamed joints.
  • Encourage exercises that move the joints to keep them from drying out and becoming inflamed.
  • Massage the affected areas, or rub topical lotions that help numb the pain.
  • Practice meditation together with your patients. Sometimes, relaxed muscles can provide relief for arthritic pain.
  • Keep the environment positive. While it does not relieve the actual pain, fostering a positive mindset can take the mind away from the thought of arthritis. This will lessen the stress experienced by the patient.

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