Ways to Help Seniors Get a Good Night Sleep

Ways to Help Seniors Get a Good Night Sleep

Did you know that as we age, we eventually lose the ability to get a deep sleep? That is why seniors are known to be light or sensitive sleepers. With this, Inclusive Community Home Care Agency aims to help them get enough and sound sleep every night for their overall good health. Not only that but also caregivers at our home care agency in Plano, Texas make sure to monitor seniors when they sleep and assist with anything they need at night.

Many factors can interrupt seniors’ nighttime sleep. One of them would be eating a heavy meal within three hours before sleeping, as this may lead to discomfort. Naptime can also interrupt seniors’ sleep. Our senior care in Texas encourages all seniors to nap short and early in the afternoon to prevent difficulties in sleeping at night. Depending on seniors’ preferences, their bedrooms must be set to the ideal cool temperature as a hot bedroom or a cold one can cause them to wake up in the middle of the night from feeling too hot or too cold. Any noise awake seniors at night as well. That is why their bedrooms must also maintain a quiet ambiance.

Physical activities permitted by their doctors also help seniors and people with disabilities improve their sleep at night. Other ways that they can do regularly during the day or before going to bed to sleep better at night include reading and meditating.

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