Why Is Communication Important for Blind Seniors

Why Is Communication Important for Blind Seniors

A quality home care agency in Plano, Texas should have caregivers who are capable and trained to communicate with blind seniors. Visually impaired seniors find it a challenge to navigate their way around the house due to their loss of sight. If the people around them don’t know how to communicate, life would be much tougher.

Here are some of the top reasons why it is imperative for the caregiver offering senior care in Texas to know techniques and strategies on communicating with an elderly who is visually impaired:

  • To be able to relay the room layout
    For seniors who have just recently lost their sense of sight, they will have difficulties getting used to their condition. Thus, they’d probably bump into walls or tables around the house. Worst case, they may fall off the stairs. Caregivers must provide help in this case. They need to be able to relay the room layout until the seniors can safely navigate their way around the house with minimal help.
  • To be able to let them know you are talking to them
    Visually impaired seniors won’t be able to see any visual cues such as nods and headshakes, much less would they be able to maintain eye contact when you are talking to someone. Caregivers who are specially trained to care for seniors with disabilities should know how the workaround for this problem. For example, they will either hold the senior’s hand or tap them on the shoulder when they are talking to the senior.

Inclusive Community Home Care Agency is focused on helping seniors who have lost their vision to maintain a high standard when it comes to their quality of life. Call us if your senior parent needs help!

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